Work Injury Lawyers

The Role of Work Injury Lawyers

If you have sustained an injury at work — physical or emotional — and you believe that your injury is due to the negligence of your employer, you should seek professional advice from specialist work injury lawyers. Whereas general, family lawyers and claims management companies do an excellent job of representing clients who have been injured at work, there is no substitute for the accurate and up-to-date knowledge that work injury lawyers have in respect of current health and safety and employment legislation.

Work injury lawyers will also be more familiar with how your employment status affects your right to make a work injury claim and the effect contributory negligence will have on the value of such a claim. Work injury lawyers will also have more experience of negotiating with employers´ public liability insurance companies (the people who pay work injury claims), ensuring that an adequate work injury settlement is paid to you as quickly as possible.

Dealing With Work Injury Claim Apprehension

There are also some unique factors that work injury lawyers have to deal with which do not arise in other forms of injury claims. One such factor is “work injury claim apprehension” — where the victim of an accident at work does not want to make a claim against their employer for fear of upsetting a long standing professional relationship or because they are worried about the future impact such a claim will make on their employment prospects.

Most employers will be genuinely distressed that their lack of care has caused you to suffer an injury, and will try in every way possible to assist you with your work injury claim. Some can actually be too eager — advising their public liability insurance company of your accident, and giving the insurance provider the opportunity to approach you directly with an inadequate settlement in lieu of a work injury claim — but usually they are willing to assist in any investigation into the circumstances surrounding your work injury and liaise with work injury lawyers.

Work injury lawyers also have to lay the law down to those employers who would threaten to penalise you if you made a work injury claim against their company. Even threatening such an action contravenes the Employment rights Act 1996, however some employees are overwhelmed by their employers and have a genuine reluctance to make a work injury claim because they feel that they may lose their jobs or that the future working atmosphere will be untenable. This is where work injury lawyers thrive — advising you of your rights and ensuring that any potential threat to your work environment is dealt with before it becomes an issue.

What Work Injury Lawyers need to Know

No two personal or professional situations are identical and each work injury claim is prepared for the possibility that it may have to be litigated in court (they rarely are). Work injury lawyers need to know everything about you in order to claim the maximum settlement on your behalf, and whereas some of the questions they may ask may seem quite obvious, others may seem more unusual or personally invasive.

The reason for this is that you are entitled to claim for the pain and suffering you experienced (and may still be suffering) as a result of your work injury. You are also allowed to claim for any costs you may have incurred in the pursuit of medical treatment for your injuries and any further out-of-pocket expenses, such as a loss of income if you are not getting paid while you are off sick.

Work injury lawyers will also integrate into a work injury claim a factor for “loss of amenity” (effectively not being able to pursue your out-of-work hobbies and interests because of your injury) and any psychological damage you may have sustained. Before rejecting that last element of a work injury claim, experts agree that everybody who sustains a physical injury in a work accident is emotionally affected to one degree (mild depression) or another (severe post traumatic stress disorder), and any psychological injury that you sustain will affect how you relate with family and friends and work colleagues in the future.

What You Need to Know about Work Injury Lawyers

Work injury lawyers are sympathetic, understanding and practical. They are there to help you receive a fair and adequate compensation settlement for a work injury claim that you bring on the basis that you have suffered loss or damage due to your employers lack of care. They appreciate that you will still be in pain when you first contact them, potentially depressed by immobility or boredom (it happens) and possibly anxious about speaking with a work injury lawyer if it is your first time dealing with a legal professional.

We have tried to make your first contact with work injury lawyers as simple as possible by establishing a work injury claim advice service, which you are invited to call if you have sustained an injury you believe is due to the negligence of an employer. Our service enables you to discuss your work injury claim in total confidentiality with an experienced work injury lawyer who will provide you with impartial and practical advice and not put any pressure on you to proceed with a work injury claim.

If now is not a suitable time to discuss personal issues, do not miss out on this opportunity. Simply leave your name and contact details in the box at the side of the page, and one of our friendly and helpful team will get back in touch when it is more convenient to you.

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