Scar Injury Claims

Scar Injury Claims for Compensation

There are a number of scenarios in which you may have sustained an injury in an accident which was not totally your fault, but you declined to make a claim for personal injury compensation at the time, only to subsequently develop a visible scar for which you now wish to make a scar injury compensation claim.

Scars left from minor cuts, burns and lacerations which might have been passed off as nothing of consequence previously, may now be a cause of embarrassment which results in withdrawal from social gatherings and the development of relationship problems.

Inasmuch as cosmetic surgery, steroid injections and laser resurfacing can help conceal and even remove scars, compensation for a scar injury might be required to pay for these treatments. Indeed, if a visible scar injury is preventing you from getting a job, you may even need to make a scar injury compensation claim simply to support yourself and your family financially.

Incorporating Scar Injury Claims into Other Claims for Compensation

If your scenario is different, and you have only just commenced making a claim for injury compensation, it is possible to incorporate scar injury claims for compensation into an existing claim. Your solicitor would speak with your doctor to determine the possibility of a cut, burn or laceration developing into a scar, and then factor compensation for a scar injury claim into the total amount being claimed.

In certain cases, the earlier a scar is treated or “revised”, the better results are achieved and – in order to pay for any cosmetic surgery – it may be necessary to include compensation for a scar injury into an existing accident injury claim, even though the scar is yet to develop.

If you are concerned that an injury you have recently sustained in an accident for which you were not to blame will develop into an unsightly scar, you should speak with your solicitor about making a compensation for scar injury claim alongside any ongoing civil action.

How Much Compensation for a Scar Injury?

In a compensation for scar injury claim, the focus is not so much on the extent and severity of the scar injury, but on its visibility and the way in which the law interprets how scar injuries are perceived. Therefore a woman with an identical scar injury to a man will receive more scar injury compensation than her male counterpart.

Similarly, younger people with longer to live with a visible scar, and those with a fairer complexion, will also receive more for their compensation for scar injury claim – irrespective of the size or location of the scar injury.

How much compensation for a scar injury you may be entitled to receive will also be influenced by any quantifiable emotional trauma, whether the scar injury restricts physical movement and whether the scar is likely to diminish in the future or will need some form of surgery to facilitate its removal.

Time Limits for Scar Injury Claims for Compensation

Scar injury claims for compensation are made in exactly the same way as other personal injury claims; however, because of the time which may have elapsed since the original injury from which the scar resulted, you are advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor at the first possible opportunity.

There is a time limit of three years from when you sustained the injury in which to make scar injury claims for compensation. Although this may seem like a considerable amount of time, proving negligence in scar injury claims may be more difficult after such a long period, as may establishing a psychological injury compared to your previous state of mental health.

This time limit does not apply if you are considering scar injury claims for children, as the Statute of Limitations does not apply until a child reaches the age of eighteen. However, for the other reasons stated above, it is still advisable to contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as you can.

Free Advice on Scar Injury Claims for Compensation

If you have any questions regarding scar injury claims for compensation, you are invited to call our free advice service and speak directly to an experienced solicitor from our Injury Claims Service in confidence and without obligation.

Our solicitor will be able to make a preliminary assessment of your claim, establish whether you have a scar injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue and guide you through the first stages of making a compensation for scar injury claim.

Under certain circumstances, it may be possible that you qualify for “No Win, No Fee” legal representation – meaning that you keep 100 per cent of your scar injury compensation when you case is won or owe nothing in our solicitor´s fees should your scar injury compensation claim be unsuccessful.

Most of all, you will be speaking with legal professionals who understand the emotional discomfort of having a physically visible scar, and who will do everything in their power to compile the strongest possible scar injury claims for compensation on your behalf.

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