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In the UK, vacation accident injury claims enable you to recover compensation when you have suffered an injury on vacation for which you were not to blame. Claims for vacation accidents and injuries in the UK are relatively straightforward, but should still be prepared with the assistance of an experienced solicitor. Claims for vacation accidents and injuries which occur overseas may still be made depending on where the accident happened and how the vacation was booked. You will also be able to claim vacation accident injury compensation in the UK if you have sustained an injury travelling to or from a vacation destination in a plane or on a boat; however different procedures for making a claim may apply. If you have sustained an injury on vacation due to somebody else´s negligence, and would like to find out more about claiming compensation, you are advised to speak with a UK vacation accident injury solicitor at the first practical opportunity.

Student’s Claim for Holiday Compensation Settled through Negotiations

Tuesday, 7th February, 2017

A claim for a broken leg following a ski lift accident has been settled through out-of-court negotiations.

The claim for compensation was made by Tom Giddens, a twenty-five-year-old student from Solihull in the West Midlands. Tom and his friends went on a skiing holiday in Val Thorens, a ski resort in France. However, whilst he and one of his friends were on a ski lift for the last run of the day, the lift suddenly stopped around 200m from the top of the slope.

Despite the cold weather, Tom and his friend decided to stay on the lift for around half an hour. They attempted to call the emergency number provided by the lift operators, but could only get through to a message service in French.

Eventually, the pair grew too cold and uncomfortable and attempted get off the lift themselves. Whilst Tom’s friend managed to safely lower himself to the slope below, Tom decided to try and jump. Regrettably, he landed at an awkward angle and fractured his leg.

Help arrived quickly at the scene and Tom was brought the the ski resort’s own medical centre. There he was administer emergency first aid, and was subsequently transferred to the Moutiers Hospital. At the hospital, a metal pin was inserted into Tom’s leg to help set the bone.

Within a week of the surgery, Tom was flown back to the UK. He was then admitted to the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, where he stayed for a month. After he was discharged, he had to use crutches for many weeks and underwent an eighteen-month long course of physiotherapy. Tom, who was very physically active before the accident, reports that he has not been able to engage in as many of the sporting activities he did before the accident.

Tom sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim for personal injuries compensation against the ski lift operators, Societe D’Exploitation des Telepheriques Tarantaise-Maurienne. Tom alleged that the company did not have adequate safety standards. Though the company initially denied liability, after Tom filed for court proceedings in France they agreed to enter negotiations. The claim was then settled for an undisclosed five figures.

Claim for Holiday Compensation Settled through Negotiations

Saturday, 19th November, 2016

A Buckinghamshire couple, whose holiday in Egypt was ruined after the majority of their family contracted a stomach bug, has been compensated by their tour operator.

As a surprise for their family, Brian and Pamela Pilling, from Chesham in Buckinghamshire, booked a five-star luxury break in the Sea Club Resort in Sharm-el-Sheik. The holiday, which cost the couple around £17,000, included many activities such as camel teas and quad-bike riding. However, many of the activities were cancelled as just five days into the break, family members started to become ill.

Recounting his experience, Brian – a sixty-one year-old retired labourer and one of the first to fall ill – said: “I thought at first it would just be a day thing, a little gastric upset but wow was I wrong… In the end, we had to ask the hotel doctor to visit. He immediately put me on an intravenous rehydration with antibiotics and paracetamol.”

Eleven of the thirteen family members on the holiday became ill. Brian was one of two that needed to be rehydrated using intravenous fluids, and others had to go on a course of antibiotics. Even upon returning to the UK, many of the holidaymakers report that their symptoms didn’t subside.Brian commented, “The holiday was a great disappointment devastated by illness and I wish we had never gone.”

On behalf of their family, Brian and Pamela consulted a personal injuries solicitor and made a claim for sickness whilst on holiday in Egypt. The claim was made against Thomson Holidays, the company that organised the trip, and claimed for both the cost of the holiday and the suffering of each family member that fell ill.

The Pillings alleged that the stomach bug stemmed from substandard hygiene conditions at the Sharm-el-Sheik report. They claim that the food was not cooked properly and was regularly seen uncovered, surrounded by birds. After Thomson Holidays investigated the allegations, they settled the claim for compensation with the couple for £29,850.

Man to Receive Compensation for Fall from Balcony

Thursday, 29th September, 2016


A warehouseman from Peterborough, who sustained severe injuries after falling from an unstable balcony whilst on honeymoon, is to begin his claim for personal injury compensation.

The newlyweds, Matt and Marilyn Bullivant arrived at the Chellowdene Guest House in Falmouth, Cornwall, on the 21st September 2015 for their honeymoon. As they were settling into their room, Matt stepped out onto the adjoining balcony to see the view. However, as he leaned against one of the balustrades around the perimeter, it collapsed under his weight. Matt fell fifteen feet to the ground below.

Matt was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and was treated to the injuries he sustained to his head, upper back and hand. Matt, a thirty-six year-old warehouse worker, spent the rest of his holiday in hospital and could not return to work for nearly four months. The metal plate inserted into his shattered hand still causes him pain today and he suffers from reduced sensation in his upper spine.

After an investigation into the circumstances of the accident, it was determined that the owners of Chellowdene Guest House, Troy and Julie McCann, did not adequately maintain the structure. The Public Protection Department of Cornwall Council prosecuted the owners for breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act and, earlier this month, they pleaded guilty to the charges. The Truro Magistrates’ Court fined each owner £4,000 and ordered them to pay £3,037 in charges.

Matt and Marilyn had sought legal counsel and were advised to wait for the conclusion of the health and safety investigation before proceeding to claim compensation for Matt’s fall. They will now commence their legal action.

Speaking to a local paper, Matt said that “I was angry with them to start with – they should’ve maintained the property. If it was my wife or kids out on the balcony they could’ve died.” He has now proceeded to claim for compensation.

Crete Resorted Investigated for Food Poisoning Claims

Sunday, 25th September, 2016


A holiday resort in Stanis, Crete, is being investigated by a team of UK solicitors after a British man returned from his holiday with severe food poisoning.

William and Leanda Kidley visited the Katrin Suites Resort, Crete, in August 2015. Unfortunately, William – who works as a Transport Support Manager – developed flu-like symptoms which developed into diarrhoea when he and his wife returned to the UK.

After visiting his GP, William was referred to Warrington General Hospital for diagnostics. The results of the tests indicated that William had contracted campylobacter food poisoning. He was admitted to hospital and stayed there for a full week before discharge, though to date he has yet to recover his full strength.

Whilst William began the recovery process, Leanda sought legal counsel from a personal injuries solicitor, believing that the hygiene practices at the Crete resort were the direct cause of her husband’s illness. She then requested that the solicitors conduct an investigation into the resort, and Thomas Cook – operating as FlexibleTrips when the couple booked the holiday – have already stated that if an indisputable link can be made between practices at the resort and William’s illness, they will pay a sum of compensation.

The couple, from Cheshire, claim that the food served to them at the restaurants within the resort was regularly undercooked. They also claim that they frequently saw flies on food, which was left uncovered all day.

Leanda, speaking to her local press, has commented that “The last thing we ever expected when we booked the holiday was for either of us to end up in hospital going through tests to find out exactly what was wrong. William missed time off work because of the problems he was having and it took him a long time for his stamina to improve and even now he has not made a full recovery.”


Compensation Awarded for Holiday Food Poisoning

Friday, 5th February, 2016

An elderly man has received a four-figure settlement of compensation after he suffered from food poisoning whilst holidaying in Turkey. 

Arthur Currie, aged seventy-two from Prescot in Merseyside, went on holiday with his family to the Green Anatolia Resort, Turkey, in July 2012. However, the relaxing holiday soon turned sour as Arthur quickly became ill and lethargic, suffering from a fever as well as continuous vomiting. 

An ambulance was called, and Arthur spent over a week in hospital, where he was treated for kidney problems that were brought on by dehydration. 

When he returned back to the United Kingdom, Arthur sought legal counsel. He informed the solicitor that the standard of hygiene employed by the resort were not as expected, and as such he made a claim for food poisoning compensation against Thomas Cook – the agency through which the family booked the holiday – and the Green Anatolia Resort. 

In the claim, it was alleged that any food on the buffet tables was left uncovered, and fresh food was piled on top of food that had been left out. The inadequate cleanliness of the toilets on the resort was also mentioned. 

Though Thomas Cook denied any liability for Arthur’s illness and ruined holiday, they entered negotiations and a four-figure settlement of compensation was agreed upon between the parties. 

Arthur commented, after the announcement of the settlement, that “After a few days I started suffering terrible symptoms and it was absolutely terrifying when I was rushed to hospital. It was very difficult being stuck in a foreign hospital on what was supposed to be an enjoyable family trip. I’m just thankful I managed to recover and make my way home”.

Holidaymakers to make Injury Claims for a Coach Accident in France

Wednesday, 22nd July, 2015

A group of holidaymakers are to make injury claims for a coach accident in France after experiencing a near-fatal crash on their transfer to the airport.

The holidaymakers consist of the Hannah family from Ormskirk and the Rothwell-Bowness family from Aughton in Lancashire who, on 4th January this year, were on a transfer from the ski resort of La Rosière in south-eastern France to Chambéry Airport for their flight home.

While on their way to the airport, the coach – which had thirty-two British holidaymakers on board – went out of control, left the road and overturned before coming to rest alongside the guard rails preventing a potentially fatal fall into a deep ravine.

French police are still conducting an investigation into the accident in which the parents of both families suffered serious injuries. Fortunately the six children travelling with their parents escaped with minor injuries, but both sets of parents acknowledge that they are lucky to be alive.

Katie Hannah (40) suffered multiple lacerations along her right arm and is scheduled to have an operation later this year to remove a piece of glass that still remains in her arm. The scarring on her arm is “horrific” and likely to be permanent.

Katie´s husband, Gary (44) suffered nerve damage to his shoulder and is undergoing physiotherapy to regain the full movement of his right arm, while Sarah Rothwell-Bowness (42) suffered deep cuts on her right forearm and a broken wrist.

Sarah has undergone surgery in both the UK and in France, and she is scheduled to have further surgery next year to remove the pins inserted into her right wrist. Sarah has been informed that she may never regain the full use of her right hand because the damage it sustained in the accident.

The two families have instructed a solicitor to investigate the cause of the accident and to see if more could have been done to prevent it. If negligence is determined, they intend to make injury claims for a coach accident in France against the tour operator through whom the skiing trip was booked – Esprit Holidays of Godalming in Surrey.

Talking to her local press about the injury claims for a coach accident in France, Sarah said: We had a great trip in France but the day of the crash has to be one of the worst of my life. We all simply want to know what happened and what can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The last few months have been the most difficult time of my life and I would not want anyone to have to face what I’ve been through.”

Holidaymaker to Receive Injury Compensation for Accident in Mexico

Wednesday, 4th June, 2014

A holidaymaker is to receive injury compensation for an accident in Mexico in which she broke her back due to the negligence of a boat captain

Carol Smith from Wakefield in Yorkshire was on holiday in Cancun in June 2011 after undergoing a session of radiotherapy to treat her cancer. As part of the holiday, Carol and her husband had booked a boat trip through their tour operator to watch and swim with whale sharks; but, as their boat headed out to sea, the weather changed and became stormy.

As the wind started to create huge waves, several of the passengers were sick and the captain was asked to turn the boat around and head inland. However, the captain refused, and an hour into the trip the boat was hit by a freak wave which catapulted Carol out of her seat. Carol landed awkwardly and knew immediately that she had hurt her back.

Carol (53) survived the boat trip by holding on firmly to the side of the vessel throughout the rest of the trip and keeping as still as possible until the boat returned to shore. On her return to the UK, Carol had an x-ray on her back and it was discovered that she had fractured it in two places. Carol remained in hospital for three weeks, after which she wore a special back brace for a further eight weeks.

Carol sought legal advice, and made a claim for injury compensation for her accident in Mexico against the tour operator through whom she and her husband had booked their holiday – Thomson Holidays. Carol alleged in her action that the excursion offered by the company had not been safe and, after investigating the circumstances of Carol´s injury, Thompson Holidays agreed to an undisclosed settlement of injury compensation for an accident in Mexico.

Child Hurt on Holiday to get Compensation following Court Hearing

Friday, 13th December, 2013

An eleven year old child who was hurt on holiday is to get compensation for a dart piercing his eye after a hearing at the High Court in London.

Toby Corps from Ashford in Kent was just five years old when, in April 2008, he went on vacation with his family to the Dar Khayam Hotel in Tunisia. While on vacation, Toby was participating in a children´s activity supervised by the hotel´s “animation team” which involved throwing darts at a dartboard suspended in a tree.

Toby was among a group of twelve children taking part in the activity; and, while he was waiting for his turn to throw, the child who had thrown before him retrieved his darts from the board and threw one towards Toby – hitting Toby´s left eye. In the accident, Toby sustained a detached retina and had to have surgery on his return to England to remove a cataract that had developed.

On behalf of his son, Paul Corps made a compensation claim for a child hurt on holiday against the travel companies through which the vacation had been booked, alleging that the “animation team” had failed to provide any instruction to the children on how to use or retrieve or return the darts properly and safely, or organise any reasonably safe system for playing the game.

The company through whom the travel to the hotel was organised – Future Travel – contested the child hurt on holiday compensation claim; arguing that the travel arrangements had not been booked as a package deal, and therefore they were excluded from liability under the Package Travel Regulations.

However, Mr Justice Bean at the High Court in London, heard barristers on behalf of – the holiday company through whom the hotel accommodation had been supplied – acknowledge that the hotel´s “animation team” had failed in their duty of care towards Toby and that the company was willing to admit their liability for his injuries.

Mr Justice Bean adjourned the case in order that an assessment could be conducted of how Toby´s injury might affect his future education prospects and employment opportunities. Court papers indicate that the settlement of child hurt on holiday compensation may exceed £50,000.

Settlement of Compensation for a Motorbike Accident Abroad Approved in Court

Thursday, 21st November, 2013

A man from the West Midlands, who sustained life-changing injuries in a collision with a tractor in Germany, has had his settlement of compensation for a motorbike accident abroad approved in Birmingham High Court.

The motorcyclist – Shane Booth (39) from Solihull – was on a biking holiday in Germany, and riding down the B500 Schwarzwaldhochstrasse from the Nurburgh Ring, when the accident occurred in August 2009. As Shane and a colleague were returning to their accommodation in Baden-Baden, a tractor travelling in the opposite direction turned immediately across Shane´s path – blocking the road and leaving Shane nowhere to go except into the side of the tractor.

Shane suffered serious internal injuries and multiple fractures in the collision, and brain damage which left him in a coma for several weeks in a German hospital. When he regained consciousness, Shane was flown back to the UK to continue his recovery at the Coventry Hospital; and was then transferred to the rehabilitation hospital in Leamington Spa where he underwent a two-year intensive rehabilitation course to help him recover some of his speech and to help him learn to walk again.

After receiving specialised legal advice, Shane made a claim for injury compensation for a motorbike accident abroad against the driver of the tractor. Liability for Shane´s injuries was not an issue, as a police investigation had found the tractor driver responsible for causing the accident and he had been convicted of causing bodily harm by negligence. However, Shane´s settlement of compensation for a motorbike accident abroad had to account for his ongoing medical costs and future loss of earnings, as Shane will never be able to work again.

Eventually, a figure of £6.1 million was negotiated, and last week the settlement was approved by Birmingham High Court. Shane said after the court hearing “While I do get frustrated with needing support to do simple tasks, looking back at pictures of me, I recognise how extremely lucky I am to even be alive. Securing these funds is a massive relief to both me and my family, as it means that I will continue to get the support and rehabilitation I need to hopefully continue to make further improvements.”

Honeymooner to Receive Injury Compensation for a Serious Motorcycle Accident

Friday, 19th July, 2013

A woman, who suffered devastating brain injuries after the bike she was a passenger on was in collision with a car, is to receive £7 million in injury compensation for a serious motorcycle accident.

 Barbara Oliva from Sao Paulo in Brazil was a pillion passenger on her husband´s Honda in 2008, when the recently married couple were involved in an accident with a car on London´s Embankment which was being erratically driven by Yusef Mahmoud, of Southwark, London.

Barbara´s husband – Andre – escaped with minor injuries, but Barbara hit her head when she fell from the bike and, despite wearing a motorcycle helmet, suffered severe brain damage. Barbara (26) can no longer walk and has difficulty communicating, and has to rely on the care provided for her by her mother in Brazil.

Through her mother – Edna – Barbara made a claim for injury compensation for a serious motorcycle accident against Mahmoud and, at the High Court in London, Mr Justice Lewis heard that a final compensation settlement of £7 million had been negotiated by Barbara´s legal representatives.

Mr Justice Lewis approved the settlement of injury compensation for a serious motorcycle accident stating that it was “just and reasonable” in the circumstances. The judge also praised Edna for the care and devotion she had shown Barbara since her return to Brazil.

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