Ligament Injury Claims

Ligament Injury Claims for Compensation

A solicitor compiling ligament injury claims for compensation is aware that ligament injuries can be one of the most debilitating musculoskeletal injuries that can be sustained due to the ligament´s important function in supporting the body. Whether your particular ligament injury has been sustained in a car crash, a work accident or a slip or trip in a public place, it is always in your best interests to seek assistance from a personal injury solicitor when making ligament injury claims for compensation.

Causes of Ligament Injuries

The most frequent reason for a ligament injury compensation claim is when somebody has sustained a whiplash injury to the soft tissues around the neck and spine following a car crash; but there are many more scenarios when a ligament injury can be sustained due to somebody else´s negligence. Slips and trips on slippery or uneven surfaces can lead to ligament tears when an unnatural force is placed on the knee, hip or wrist. Sports injuries can also qualify for ligament injury compensation when a torn ligament has been sustained due to recklessness or faulty equipment.

Ligaments can also wear out when prolonged, repetitive use is made of them. Ligament injuries of this nature could be attributable to excessive manual handling in the workplace, excessive walking in the course of your duties or any repetitive strain injury which affects the ligaments. You may also be able to claim compensation for a ligament injury if the ligament has worn out due to putting too much pressure on it to compensate for an injury elsewhere in the body caused by a third party´s negligence.

Eligibility for Ligament Injury Claims

In order to be eligible to make a ligament injury compensation claim, you must have sustained an injury due to negligence by somebody who owed you a duty of care. Examples of this would be:-

  • A motorist who causes an accident and ligament injury by failing to maintain a safe distance behind your car
  • An employer, who fails to conduct a risk assessment for your job, fails to rotate your manual handling duties or allow work breaks
  • A supermarket which does not train their staff to identify slipping hazards in the store and remove them before an accident happens

It is also important that your ligament injury is diagnosed by a medical professional as soon as possible after an accident or when you first experience the symptoms of a ligament injury. To delay seeking medical treatment might not disqualify you from making ligament injury claims for compensation, but may affect how much compensation for a ligament injury you receive if you have exacerbated the injury before seeking medical attention by your own lack of care.

How Much Compensation for a Ligament Injury?

How much compensation for a ligament injury you are entitled to receive will depend on the extent and severity of your injury, your age, sex and state of health before the ligament injury was sustained. Depending on the nature of the injury, your ligament injury compensation claim may have to consider a lengthy rehabilitation period if surgery is required with the resultant loss of income and benefits of employment.

Prolonged periods in a neck brace, leg support or sling may also compromise your quality of life — a factor which can be included in ligament injury claims for compensation — as well as any emotional trauma you have experienced; either at the time your injury was sustained or due to depression and anxiety during long periods of immobility. These are the positive aspects of ligament injury claims, but there are also negative ones.

How much compensation for a ligament injury you receive can be affected by your own negligence as well as that of people who owed you a duty of care. If you have contributed to causing the accident which resulted in a ligament injury — for example if the brake lights of your car were obscured by dirt — or failed to seek medical attention at the first possible opportunity after knowing that you had sustained a ligament injury, how much compensation for a ligament injury you receive will be reduced to reflect your own lack of care.

Free Advice on Ligament Injury Claims

All ligament injury claims for compensation are assessed on their own merits, and therefore no two settlements for a ligament injury claim are identical. For individual and independent legal advice on claiming compensation for a ligament injury, you are invited to call our free legal advice service and speak directly to an experienced solicitor from our Injury Claims Service in confidence and without obligation.

Our experienced solicitors will be able to answer any legal questions you have about making ligament injury claims, establish whether you have a ligament injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue and inform you if your ligament injury compensation claim qualifies for “No Win, No Fee” legal representation.

The lines to our Injury Claims Service are open seven days a week from 8.00am to 10.00pm, or you are welcome to take advantage of our “Callback Request” forms at the side of the page, and one of our experienced solicitors will get back in touch with you at a time when it is more convenient for you to talk.

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