Compensation for a Groin Injury in an Accident

Can I claim for a groin injury I sustained after slipping on an ice patch at a supermarket entrance?

Your eligibility to pursue compensation for a groin injury in an accident in a supermarket may depend on your ability to prove that someone other than yourself was at fault for your accident – this is most likely going to be the supermarket’s management. Supermarkets, like all businesses, owe visitors a ‘duty of care’ – an obligation to take all possible measures to ensure that health and safety regulations are being adhered to, and that visitors are as safe as possible while on a premises.

Although a supermarket’s duty of care is not ‘absolute’, in that visitors are also expected to take some precautions to ensure their own safety, proving that a supermarket’s management failed to take all possible precautions to ensure your wellbeing may enable you to pursue a claim for an injured groin. You may be able to strengthen your claim for groin injury compensation if you can prove that the supermarket’s staff neglected to clear up the ice patch in a ‘reasonable’ timeframe; thus leaving you and others exposed to possible injury, possibly through CCTV evidence or corroborating witness statements from passers-by who saw you fall or identified the ice patch as a hazard.

You should note that if the supermarket attempted to clear the ice and the patch froze over again soon after you may not be eligible to pursue compensation for a groin injury in an accident as the management will be able to show that it acted within a ‘reasonable’ timeframe to try to clear the ice.

After your injury you should have asked to make an entry in the supermarket’s Accident Report Book. The submission will serve as written evidence of your version of events, and may be referred to later in your claim for compensation.

Gathering evidence to support your claim for an injured groin is important, but not as important as ensuring that your injury is properly treated. In order to safeguard your health you should have summoned an ambulance immediately after your accident occurred, or if your injury did not allow you to, had someone else do it for you. No amount of groin injury compensation is able to offset the long-term groin damage which could be sustained by not receiving prompt medical treatment.

The medical report written up by the doctor who treated your injury at the hospital may also serve as evidence, and could prove invaluable in negotiations with the negligent party.

In order to learn more about pursuing a claim for an injured groin, speak with a personal injury claims solicitor. A solicitor will be able to provide tell you whether or not you qualify to receive groin injury compensation and how much compensation you may be awarded. Claimants seeking compensation for a groin injury in an accident are always more likely to unlock their maximum possible entitlement with the help of solicitor.

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