Claim for Pulling Back Muscles

Can I make a claim for pulling back muscles in a manual handling accident at work? I had to lift a heavy box at work and I pulled my back muscles when I was lowering it to the floor.

In order for a claim for pulling back muscles to be possible you must also have sought medical treatment for your injuries. A claim for pulling back muscles at work will only be possible if your injuries have been documented in your medical records. If you have not yet sought medical attention it is vital that you visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Compensation for pulling back muscles can be claimed for injuries sustained in manual handling accidents that have been caused by lifting, carrying, lowering or manipulating objects at work, provided that the injuries have been sustained due to the negligence of an employer. If your employer placed you at an excessive risk of injury at work, it should be possible to make a back injury compensation claim.

There are a number of ways that an employer could be deemed to have been negligent and have caused your injuries.

1. If you did not received training on correct lifting techniques to use to minimise the risk of injury.
2. If you were required to lift boxes which were heavy and you did not receive assistance from other members of staff.
3. If it would have been appropriate for lifting equipment to be supplied to reduce the risk of injury.
4. If your employer had instructed you to lift a box and you were not physically capable of doing so safely
5. If no risk assessment was completed by your employer.

The above list is far from exhaustive and only includes common examples of employer negligence. If you believe that your employer placed you at an excessive risk of injury at work and you can establish and prove that this was the case, you should be able to recover compensation for pulling back muscles against your employer’s liability insurance policy.

The easiest way to confirm if you have a valid case for making an injury claim for injuring back muscles at work is to speak with a personal injury solicitor about your accident and the circumstances under which your injury was sustained. A solicitor will be well versed in health and safety legislation and will advise you if your employer has breached a duty of care to keep you safe at work and if a back injury compensation claim can be made.

If it is possible to make an injury claim for injuring back muscles at work, a solicitor will advise you of the procedures which must be completed in order for a compensation claim to be filed and you will be given an indication of the level of compensation that can be recovered. If you decide to proceed with a claim – and choose to use a solicitor to prepare your case – assistance will be given with the collection of evidence of negligence by your employer, compensation amounts will be calculated accurately and the strongest possible case will be prepared.

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