Claim for an Electrocution on a Farm

My son suffered severe burns after he came into contact with a faulty generator on a visitor’s farm. What is the process involved in making a claim for an electrocution on a farm?

In accordance with the UK statute of limitations, children aged less than 18 are forbidden from initiating a claim for an electrocution on a farm or from appointing a solicitor to represent them. Therefore if you wish to claim compensation for your son there are two options; wait until they turn 18 and are legally permitted to pursue compensation themselves or you can appoint a ‘litigation friend’ to act on the child’s behalf and pursue a claim for an electrocution on a farm now.

Generally a litigation friend is a parent or guardian, however they must be approved by the court first and therefore must not be a conflict of interested in the claim.

In order to pursue compensation you will need to prove that the third party responsible for the safety of your son were negligent in their duty of care. In order to do this you will need to substantiate your compensation claim with evidence to demonstrate that the third party (most likely the farm owner) was at fault for the accident and subsequent injury to your son. Therefore it is best advised that you speak with a personal injury solicitor without delay to ensure all relevant evidence is gathered in a prompt fashion.

Evidence that may prove useful in this instance include photographs of the scene, a medical report of the injury and if you can obtain them, eye witness reports. However it is important to remember that although you have a time limit of three years under the statute of limitations to pursue a claim for an electrocution on a farm (if your child waits until they are 18 before pursuing a claim, this limit will not begin until their 18th birthday) complications could delay it, therefore it is imperative that you speak with a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to ensure delays are curtailed.

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